Review Policy

for books:

I don’t review any books that are super sexually explicit or within the Erotica or horror genres, or Non-fiction. I accept physical ARCs, e-book ARCs (which are preferred) and finished copies. I am also available for blog tours and author interviews. I especially love self-published works because I plan to be one myself one day.

If I receive a book for review, I will post a review on Goodreads (stars-only with a link to blog), and a review on the blog. If I don’t finish a book (which is very very rare) then it is because the content was too mature, or it too sexual. I will attempt to review the books as close to their release date as possible.

for items:

Obviously, I won’t review anything dangerous or anything that could be damaging to myself or others physically or reputation-wise. That’s basically it. Also, if it’s cosmetics, I have very sensitive skin so if it’s skincare that doesn’t set my skin off then you’ll probably get an amazing review from me.