about meh

Um… hi there, and welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. quit freaking out  i can do whatever i want  you can’t do a headstand  point taken. Ignore them, they’re the parts of myself that I try to keep quiet in public. I… don’t actually know what to put on a page like this, considering this is the first place that people go to when they find your blog.

Anyways, I’m Hailey.


Yes, that is me. And yes, I am in a shopping cart. It wasn’t one of my finer moments.

There isn’t really a point to this blog. I just want a place where I can share my interests and passions with random strangers on the internet. didn’t your parents teach you about stranger danger  would you just hush. Basically those interests and passions are *gasps* reading, writing, drawing, failing at makeup, the internet, interdimensional travel, and various other pursuits that I’ll probably end up failing at some point in time. I don’t really have a target audience, except maybe teen/young adult women? Also, if my mother is reading this Hellooooooo! 

These are my social media accounts





I hope you enjoy it here. So make yourselves at home, grab some snacks, pet the polar bear, but don’t get dirt on the rug. Also, if you see my social life it would be greatly appreciated if you could return it… pretty please?

Best of luck,