Spring Beauty Wishlist + Special Reveal (?!)

Hey, everyone! Just a quick note as I wanted to let everyone know that I was interviewed over at LifeLikeAGalaxyGirl, and you can click here to read the post. Seriously though, go check out that post as well as A’s other posts. She’s an absolutely amazing blogger and so very sweet, and I’m sure you will love her blog!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled chaos!

I know what you’re thinking, “But Hailey, isn’t it almost summer? Shouldn’t this be your summer beauty wishlist?” And the answer to that question is… abso-frickin-lutely not.

Guys, I didn’t stop turning the defroster on my car on every morning until three weeks ago. Now, I don’t know about you, but mid-April seems like a pretty ridiculous time for spring to finally… spring (why). However, I’m not going to question it any longer, lest we are cursed with another cold front that kills us all. Actually, I wouldn’t mind that at this point

So here is my Almost Summer But Still Springtime Beauty Wishlist.

Almost summer butStill springbeauty wishlist.png


Black Castor Oil with Coconut

I know a girl who uses this on her brows and lashes and she has some of the prettiest lashes that I’ve ever seen. It’s supposed to help hair grow thicker and longer and so I’d love to try it on myself.

Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Sunscreen SPF 30

I have never had a BB cream. Shocking, I know. I’ve never even used liquid foundation, and I hate powdered foundation, so I usually just throw on some concealer and go. However as the days become warmer, I find myself out in the sunshine more and more often. I use sunscreen but I absolutely hate putting it on my face, because then I feel greasy. I think that I would probably start out using the shade “Light/Medium” then end up in “Medium” once my skin darkens up for the year.

Too Faced Natural Love Blush Palette

This product comes with two nevers for me. I’ve never had a blusher, as well as I’ve never used any of Too Faced products! But this blush palette has great reviews, and it’s sooooo pretty. I want it badly.

Milani Lipstick in Bahama Beige

I’ve used Milani’s lipsticks before and let me tell you: they are the bomb. Honestly, they’re super cheap but incredibly pigmented and last forever on your lips. Even through eating and drinking. I love this color because it’s just a warm nude color and I think it will look great as spring continues.

Colourpop Give it to me Straight Palette

I have really been digging the pink and mauve eyeshadow looks this spring, and this palette had a lot of colors that not only would look great now but would also look great this fall!

Glossier Lid Star Duo

I’ve been lusting after these liquid eyeshadows literally since the day they were released. I particularly love the shades “Slip” and “Cub”.

Glossier Boy Brow

Brows are my life, and I’ve always wanted to get a brow gel. And this one has great reviews! I’d definitely want the brown shade.

Tigi Dumb Blonde Collection

Shampoo, Conditioner, Toning spray

Now, you may be asking, “Hailey, why do you need blonde products? Your hair is super dark.”



I’m more or less a blonde now!

I know it seems pretty dark but this is WAY lighter than I normally is. And I’d love to go even lighter than this over time.

Thank you guys for reading! I know it’s a lame reveal, but I’m excited and I had to share. I’ll be back again soon with more content! See you soon. X, Hailey


6 responses to “Spring Beauty Wishlist + Special Reveal (?!)

  1. Love your hair colour! It really suits you. I dyed my hair purple last week but now it’s looking a bit red/ginger 🙈. Thank you again for taking part in my interview series, it was an absolute pleasure to feature you on my blog ❤️ xx

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    • Get some purple shampoo, seriously! It’ll tone down that brassiness a ton. I suggest Clairol Shimmer Lights. As it’s a bit cheaper than the one I’m lusting for, it just smells a bit like old perfume. It’s a life saver. And thank YOU for having me 💖 xo

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