My Favorite Web Comics


Quick note. This post was supposed to go up last night. As for why it did not, I am unsure. Thank you, WordPress for making me look like a liar. As for the post that was scheduled tonight, it will be posted tomorrow. I have not had a chance to write it because I have been sick and resting. Now, back to your regularly scheduled chaos…

I divulged in a recent post that I was in the process of writing and illustrating a Web Comic with two of super talented best friends (go follow them on Instagram @randomartist0 and @ketchupandbabes).

Since I am writing a Web Comic, it’s only appropriate that I read them. Now, I only read Web Comics on Line Webtoon at the moment, but I really want to branch out to other apps and websites. So if you have any suggestions for things to read, drop them below!

These are listed in no particular order except they kind of are. Kind of. I love all of these stories very much and it’s so hard to choose which one I love the most. Go give these creators some love for all the hard work that they do to give us such beautiful and amazing stories!



Forbiddentale is a retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone (one of my favorite myths of all time) with strong influences from Undertale. It’s a super romantic story and Hades is absolutely adorable. The only reason it’s not higher on my list is that the art is really unrefined. Otherwise, it’s fantastic!


Always Human

always human

This is a completed comic about two girls who fall in love with each other. Set in the future, where genetic modifications are a thing of ease, Always Human shows that love surpasses time, technological advances, and distance. Featuring diverse characters, as well as being LGBT+ friendly, the comic can appeal to just about anyone.



I’m going to go ahead and apologize upfront. This comic will hurt your soul. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more beautiful (or trippy) story about growing up into the person that you want to be, as this one. Because Dear Lord Almighty, it is honestly a life-changing comic. It gets to a point where you don’t even see the characters going through their struggles, and instead insert yourself into that role. Annarasumanara is a completed comic about a girl, a boy, and a magician, and the way that every person has a choice to make the best of their own life. Seriously, it’s amazing. I can’t even summarize it correctly.

My Boomy boo.jpg

BOY OH BOY WHERE TO BEGIN? Want a comic that will make you sob your freakin’ eyes out by the end? Then this comic is just the thing for you. My Boo is a completed comic about a girl who moves into a new apartment and ends up living alongside a ghost boy. It shouldn’t still hurt, but it does. Every day. Send help.

Phantom Paradisephantom paradise

This is honestly one of the prettiest comics that I have ever read. The overall design of the comic almost seems magical at times. And the colors. My God the colors. Phantom Paradise is about a male concubine who makes his way up the ranks through the Imperial harem of what is pretty much Hell, disguising his ulterior motives to bring his friend back to life.


little rain.jpg

This story is honestly just so sweet. It doesn’t update often, but when it does I find myself dropping whatever I am doing in order to read it. I can’t really summarize the comic without spoiling it, but trust me when I say that if the first chapter doesn’t have you hooked then you are dead inside. Stone cold. Dead as a doornail. Not to mention that the art is super soft and pretty!

Miss Abbott and the Doctormiss abbott and the doctor

If you love romance, period fashion, diversity, and an amazing cast of characters, then this comic is for you. Honestly, you will fall in love with even the minor characters in this comic. The author has such a way of making her characters come to life within her art, and I really think that’s special. Plus she has created one of the cutest romances that I have ever seen.



This was actually the first webcomic that I ever read! unTouchable is a completed comic about a vampire girl who feeds off of human touch and a mysophobic man who live next door to each other. This is one of my favorite romances throughout all forms of fiction. And since it was the first webcomic that I ever read, it is very near to my heart.



If you’ve ever heard of Line Webtoon, you’ve probably heard of UnOrdinary. In a world where people are born with special powers, it’s a bit of a problem when you are the only one without any powers to speak of. I really like this one because there is a lot of action, but also a ton of mystery elements. Plus the art is super colorful and really nice.

Siren’s Lament

siren's lament.jpg

Yet another quintessential webcomic. Siren’s Lament is about a girl named Lyra who is cursed by a siren named Ian. Except the curse doesn’t completely transfer to her, leaving them both halfway between human and siren. They must keep this a secret, lest it fall into the wrong ears. This comic has one of the best love triangles in it that I’ve ever read. Shon – the third member of the triangle – is Lyra’s best friend as well as an absolute bean. There are not enough nice things to say about this comic. Plus THE ARTTTT. Also abs. Don’t forget the abs.

I Love Yoo

i loe yoo

Shin-Ae is honestly one of the most relatable characters I’ve ever seen. She’s awkward but comfortable with herself, obsessed with food, and done with everyone and everything. Plus, the love triangle in this comic is great as well. I still can’t decide if I’m Team Q-Tip or Team Yeong-Gi. And I suspect the choice won’t get any easier as time goes on.

My Dear Cold Blooded King

mdcbk.pngThis is by far my favorite on-going comic. With mystery and plot-twists abundant, My Dear Cold Blooded King is an amazing romance about a peasant girl who goes to live in the palace as a medic but ends up swept up in the politics and intrigue that come with being within close proximity to royalty. The art is so pretty and the characters are all amazing. And the absssssss


Winter Woods

winter woodsI’m going to say it right now: I can’t adequately describe this comic well enough to do it justice. The story… the romance… the characters… the art… all of it contributes to my favorite webcomic of all time. Winter Woods is a completed comic about a man-made man who learns how to be human. It’s as simple as that. You’ll have to read it to really figure out why I love it so much.



So those are my favorite webcomics! Be sure to go and read these, as well as follow my friends on Instagram! Who knows? You might even get a sneak peak at our comic *winks*. See you all tomorrow!


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