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March was an absolutely hectic month. I somehow toured my future college, went to Comic-Con, and went across the state to see my neurologist, all over the course of two weeks. Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I also finally had a forever-long dream come to fruition.

Last Sunday, I went to see my all-time favorite band Icon For Hire in concert. And boy, was it an absolutely incredible experience.

Forgive me if I seem a bit emotional. This band and their music mean so much to me, and I got to see them perform and meet them! 

I found Icon in one of the hardest times of my life, and their music – the driving rhythms, meaningful lyrics, and powerful vocals – helped me through it by giving me something that I could relate to. And seeing them in person, meeting the other fans, and meeting the band, it all solidified my opinion of the group as both performers, and people.

But I should stop being a sap and get to the post, shouldn’t I?

I guess the first thing to address would be meeting the band, wouldn’t it? Let me just say… they are so freaking nice. 

Now, I’ve interacted with them over social media and during livestreams, and they’ve always seemed like genuinely kind people, but meeting them in person really proved it to be true.

I was super nervous, and I kept fumbling over my words. Both Ariel and Shawn were extremely patient with me, and when I finally got out my sentence “It means so much that I get to meet you” they responded, “It means so much that we get to meet you.”

Then I gave them the drawing that I had submitted to them for their tour banner, as a separate copy. They both gushed over how much they loved it and I thought that was really cool because I worked really hard on the picture.


The next thing I’d like to address was the atmosphere. Even though all of the fans were strangers, it didn’t feel like it. Music has a magical way of tying people together in ways that you’d never expect. We all cried for the music, for each other. And then laughed, just the same. I think it really says something about a band when their music can reach every generation and touch all of their hearts in irreversible ways.

Perhaps most importantly was the performance itself.



“So I’ll keep doing what I always do… drag my heart to the piano and make it sing for you,” – Under the Knife, Icon for Hire

Any words that I have in my repertoire cannot accurately represent how amazing this show was. I probably cried fifteen times, then teared up a hundred more. The way that Ariel sings, with so much honesty and pain in her voice, you can’t help but believe that when she writes the songs she really is writing them for her fanbase as well.


“I’ve become so numb. I can’t feel you there,” – Numb, Linkin Park



The theme of the tour is “Turn Your Pain Into Art”. And no one ever did just that like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Chester committed suicide last year, and his death was felt all throughout the music community. And to pay tribute to the man and what he made of his art, Icon played a heart-wrenching cover of Numb as tribute.


“Wake up you need to make money,” – Stressed Out, Twenty One Pilots

But not all of it was emotional. Let it be said that Icon for Hire can put on a fantastic show. They got everyone up and dancing around, keeping the mood light and showing everyone a good time. They sang Stressed Out and Jump Around. And everyone sang along and danced and it was lovely.

Oh yeah! I also got a picture with the band but I look terrible and completely out of my element so I don’t want to share it.




So that’s it for the experience portion of the post! I had so much fun and if they ever come locally again I will definitely spring for tickets. And VIP passes if I’m lucky.

Now on to the second part of the post, my favorite songs by Icon for Hire!

I would embed every single song if I could, but in the spirit of keeping things short, I will not. But seriously, go and listen to their music. It’s incredible.

And that’s all from me for tonight! I really had fun at this concert. Have any of you ever listened to Icon’s music? If so, what do you think? If not, go and give it a try! I’ll see you all soon! x, Hailey



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