Where Have I Been? | Life Update + Blogging News

Where have you been, Hailey????

This seems to be the main question that people are asking me nowadays, so I thought that I would give you, my readers, an update on what is currently going on in my life. As well as why I have been inactive in the community so much lately.

I guess the biggest reason for my absence is my depression has relapsed. I’ve had to get an increased dosage on my anti-depressant medicines, as well as buckle down with my therapist in an effort to cope with these suddenly intensified emotions. A lot of things in my life, which I’m not currently in a position to talk about, have contributed to this amplified mental sluggishness. But hopefully as time goes by, those things will be worked out more and I won’t be quite as affected by them. If at all. With this sort of increased drain on me, I haven’t had the desire to blog. Or to do anything, really. I’ve just been doing my best to ease some of the symptoms, and I don’t think that forcing myself to blog would have been the best way to go about that.

The second contributing factor is that I am graduating in less than two months. And holy freaking beans am I in a panic about that. Due to life circumstances, as well as my current mental heath situation, I have fallen increasingly behind in my online classes (I am taking two in order to complete extra credits that are needed to graduate a year early, as I am). Luckily, I am almost caught up in one of them, and completely caught up in the other. I don’t like having lingering responsibilities floating over my head like a storm cloud. The stress of graduating, and starting adulthood so early in life, coupled with everything else, has given me nothing but a near constant panic attack. But overall I’m really looking forward to graduating, with honors nonetheless.

I’m currently on Spring Break, so I’m going to do the very best that I can to upload at least twice this upcoming week. And also to work on writing some scheduled posts. I’m so close to a hundred followers that I can taste it, and I’d really like to reach that goal by the end of May, when I graduate.

Seeing as how I have done nothing but promise things on this blog lately, I thought I’d try to plant some of those promises in reality by letting you have a look at my upcoming content plans for the next two weeks(which are subject to change, but shouldn’t vary too much.


Sunday, April 1st- Icon For Hire Concert Blog

Wednesday, April 4th- How to Get Back Into Writing (Post 2 of Writer’s Block series)

Friday, April 6th- My Everyday Makeup Routine

Sunday, April 8th- My Favorite Web-Comics

Wednesday, April 11th- Keeping Characters Consistent (Post 3 of Writer’s Block series)

Friday, April 13th- PR Book Review

As always, if you have any post ideas or requests, drop them down below. I’m adamant that I am going to get back to blogging now, and that I will stick with it. I really love doing it, and I don’t want to let life get in the way of that. I’ll see you all soon!


2 responses to “Where Have I Been? | Life Update + Blogging News

  1. Yay for getting back into blogging! I totally understand how blogging can slip off the to-do list when depression sets in and life gets really tough and busy. *sends cake* I do hope your meds/therapy really helps with the depression though…it really sucks to lose motivation. Anyway looking forward to the upcoming posts!

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    • *takes cake and eats it”

      I really hope so too. I’ve steadily been getting better again, but it seems that when bad things start happening the intrusive thoughts start back up.

      I’m really excited to get back into blogging though. *throws confetti*


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