One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus | Book Review

“Now here’s your assignment: connect the dots.

Is everyone in it together, or is somebody pulling strings?

Who’s the puppet master and who’s the puppet?”

One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus


I’ll admit, I was skeptical of this book. I’m not one to read over-hyped books, especially of the YA genre because they tend to disappoint me greatly (lookin’ at you Of Fire and Stars).

But everywhere I turned, people were praising this book. Even non-readers. So I took a leap, and dove headfirst into this book.

I have no regrets.

This book is definitely one of the most enjoyable books that I’ve read recently. It was simple to read, but it still contained lots of plot twists and diverse characters. And I really really liked it.

What is it about?

One of Us is Lying  is about 4 teenagers who are under investigation for the murder of their classmate, a gossip blogger, Simon Kelleher. All of them have a secret that they don’t want brought into the light, so they all have a motive to kill.

I guess the first thing to address would be the narrators, as there are a few.

Bronwyn: She was easily my favorite of the protagonists, because I related to her the most. Her struggle to never disappoint her parents really hit home with me, and her relationship with her sister Maeve is comparable to my relationship with my own sister.

Nate:  MY BEAN. I just wanted him to be happy the whole time. He’s led such a hard life for someone so young and he deserves all of the happiness. I’m really happy he got a sort of happy ending.

Addy: She was probably my least favorite protagonist. She just seemed… whiny. I understand that her mother is annoying, and that she’s had a hard few months with her boyfriend, but it just felt like she complained a lot… I did, however, grow to like her a lot more towards the end when she finally stood up to her mother about not needing a boyfriend to be happy.

Cooper: I liked Cooper a lot. His struggle with his sexuality and reputation was something that really pulled at my heartstrings because I’ve had friends who were forced out of the closet and it affected them terribly. In the south, people are a lot less accepting of homosexuality, and so his worries were really understandable since that’s where he is from.

I really really liked the overall The Breakfast Club vibes. I did, however like the romance aspect of this book MUCH more than I enjoyed it in the movie. I actually found those relationships kind of problematic.

The only major flaw that I found with the book is that the narrator’s voices don’t really stand apart from each other. Beginning the book, it’s easy to forget who is speaking until you learn the character’s story.

“Things’ll get worse before they get better.”

One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

Have you read this book? If so, what do you think? Did you figure out who did it before it was revealed? Discuss! See you soon, xx.


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