My Christmas Traditions (ft. Love Soph) // Blogmas Day 22 (I’ve failed at this point lol)

Blogmas day 22

Hello again, everyone. I’m a liar. *crickets chirping as no one in their right mind would disagree*. In case you haven’t noticed, I failed Blogmas. Badly



*sad party horns sound*

I know I said that I would try and upload every other day during Blogmas, but December, with its exams and bronchitis and depression and Christmas commercialism, thoroughly kicked my butt.

But I hope today’s post will make up for at least part of my prolonged absence.

Today I am collaborating with the amazing Love, Soph to talk about our personal Christmas traditions in our home countries, mine being America (South Carolina to be exact) and hers being England.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Leading up to Christmas

Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving my family puts up our Christmas tree. My dad does most of the technical work and puts up the lights, and my sister and I put up the ornaments. It’s always really fun to see our ornaments from Christmases past and to reminisce about them.

My grandmother always hosts a Christmas get-together where our family comes together and hangs out. We usually eat finger foods and lots of sweets (my favorite being candied pecans). I always love this get-together because I get to see my aunt who lives in the lower part of the state so I don’t get to see her as much. I couldn’t go this year though because I was quite sick (see previous mention of December kicking my butt).

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eves are usually filled with preparation for the next day, at least in the evenings. Once the sun has begun to set (AKA four o’clock in the afternoon. GET YOUR GAME TOGETHER MR. SUN), my sister and I start on our Christmas Eve checklist. We’ll eat our supper and take our baths or whatever then when that’s done, we’ll start making cookies and put them in the oven.

While our cookies cook, we’ll usually pull up the Norad Santa Tracker to see where the big man is at that moment. And we’ll play the games on the site while our cookies bake.

When the cookies get done, we take them out of the oven. We eat a cookie or two, obviously. Then we put them away for the time being.

Now that our cookies are done baking, we begin our other preparations for Santa. My sister writes him a note and makes reindeer food usually. I don’t leave notes anymore, but I usually do a little Christmassy doodle just so I can participate (and help keep the magic alive for my sister just a bit longer).

We then put out our cookies and milk and begin our winding down for bed. Then we go to sleep well, I don’t. I haven’t slept in 84 years  well if you’d take your medicine like you’re supposed to  oh shut up.

Christmas Day

We wake up at about 8, usually. And we go to wake up our parents if they’re not always awake. We sing happy birthday to Jesus together, then my sister and I open our presents. It’s always really fun to see my sister’s excitement when she tears her presents open.

After we’ve opened our presents, we go to see if Santa left us a note like he usually does. He usually praises our cookies and tells us how good we’ve been in the previous year, and maybe even leaves us some words of encouragement for the next year. The notes for my sister are always really nice and lovely. The past few years of notes for me have been increasingly passive-aggressive (which is a bit upsetting considering who is writing them) but I appreciate that they’re still nice and fun for my sister.

And my personal favorite part is that in our notes we usually have the first clue to a treasure hunt. We go on our treasure hunt and there is one last present, usually that ends up being the best present.

Then we spend the rest of our day just relaxing and playing. We’ll usually go to visit my Nannie who lives right up the road and she usually has a luncheon at her house. And it’s kind of fun, even though I don’t like Christmas very much anymore.

Honestly, the best part of Christmas for me is seeing my sister being so happy and excited. Even if I can’t personally enjoy the holiday as much anymore, it fills my heart to see her that way.

So what do you think of my traditions? Are they any different from yours? Make sure to check out Sophie’s post because it’s super amazing and it’s cool to see how our traditions vary and meet (because even though they’re quite different, there are many similarities). 


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