The World’s Most Troublesome Winter Party Makeup Tutorial // Blogmas Day 10

The tutorial itself isn’t troublesome, but what I went through to write it for all of you was.

Welcome back to day ten of Blogmas! Today we’re going to try something that I have never done before… a makeup tutorial!

This will probably be terrible as all of the photos that I took managed to delete themselves, but regardless, we’re going to try this.

Winter Party Makeup Tutorial.png

Ihhhh mah face. It’s not like I’ve ever tried to hide it before but it’s still uncomfortable for me because I look super weird without glasses. Another challenge: doing makeup without your glasses.

The palette that I used for this look is the Tartelette in Bloom palette. It has a lot of reddish-browns that could really fit anyone. And a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. You, of course, don’t have to use this palette, it’s just what I used.

I guess an important thing to note is that I don’t wear foundation. I wear concealer throughout my problem areas, but I personally like being able to show off my natural freckles without anything hiding them too much.

Now to begin our tutorial!

Because every makeup tutorial needs dubstep music for whatever reason!

To start, I wash the excess oil off of my face with water and pat my face dry.

I then conceal my blemishes and under eye areas (because I never sleep *cry*). Since I don’t wear foundation, it takes a lot of blending to make it where there are no lines or creases. Then I set the concealer with a translucent powder.

Then I do my favorite part, contouring! I don’t do the full on Kardashian level contouring, but I define my cheekbones, jaw, and chin. I then blend it so that it looks natural. The contouring is part of what lets me be able to pass with only wearing concealer. I guess it just draws the eye away from it.

Next, I groom and fill in my eyebrows. I use an eyebrow pencil and a spoolie brush to shape and color my brows how I please. If there are any leftover spots that aren’t filled in, I will very lightly fill everything in with the shade Activist from the Tartlette in Bloom palette.

Now is when we begin the eye makeup.

Apply a base boat of the shade Jetsetter to your lids. Place the color Rebel on the outer half of the lid, blending it into a gradient. Then blend the shade Leader into your crease, dragging the color out a bit and under the eye.

Proceed to do winged eyeliner and don’t put any on your water line. That will make your eyes seem smaller than they are.

Apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Make sure that the lashes are separated, otherwise, they will look really twiggy and I will judge you.

At this point, I highlight my cheekbones, inner corners, cupid’s bow, and bridge of my nose. I find that using my fingers on the smaller areas works better than using a brush.

Finally, I apply lipstick. I used the Milani lipstick in the shade Teddy Bare for this look.


tut 4


And that’s it! You’re done!!

I hope you enjoyed this look. I just want you all to know that I broke a bedside table doing this look. You’re welcome. I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully!!



2 responses to “The World’s Most Troublesome Winter Party Makeup Tutorial // Blogmas Day 10

    • 😂 I just blend it with my fingers and a brush (speckling it to make it blend). And I’m not lying when I say that contouring and highlighting helps it blend as well. Especially around the nose (which is one of my biggest problem areas)


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