Super Easy DIY Lip Scrub // Blogmas Day 8

It’s no secret that during the winter your skin gets super dry. And unfortunately, your lips are not excluded from that equation. But I have a solution!

My younger sister has super chapped lips and she got fed up with it. So she decided to make her own cure. A lip scrub.

Now, I am not lying when I say that this is some of the best stuff I’ve ever used on my own lips. It makes them feel like silk.

So today I thought I would share this magical formula with you (with my sister’s approval, of course).

lip scrub.png


  • Brown Sugar
  • Vaseline
  • Honey

You’ll also need a container and some spoons. Possibly a mixing bowl if you have a peeve about that kind of thing (aka my sister).

Now, the ratio of this lip scrub is one part vaseline, one part brown sugar, and three parts honey.

To begin, you will put your vaseline into your mixing bowl.

lip scrub 2

We made a very small batch simply for this post, so you will probably need more than what we use.

Next, you add about the same amount of brown sugar to your mix.

lip scrub 3.jpg

I usually prefer a bit more brown sugar in my batches. I like having more exfoliation in my lip scrubs.

Third, you add A TON of honey. Just go wild. I won’t judge you. Get in there with that golden goodness.

lip scrub 4

We ended up adding a lot more honey as we mixed. Just be open to possibly having to change your mixture a bit as you go along. It’s really based on personal preference how you want to make it.

Then transfer it to your container (if you used a separate container… my sister)

lip scrub 5

And that’s it! Your lip scrub is complete. If you decide to make it, let me know how it goes. See you tomorrow.


9 responses to “Super Easy DIY Lip Scrub // Blogmas Day 8

    • Here is a tip (as my lips get very dry too) don’t use a lip balm with beeswax in it (chapstick, blistex) except to lock in moisture or as a sunblock. The beeswax prevents moisture from getting into your lips and in turn dries them out. I would actually suggest Baby Lips as an alternative (idk if they have that in England) because it’s technically a gloss but it moisturizes very well. And it’s cheap!

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      • Yeah we do have babylips – literally as you said that I was lathering on burts bees which I can only assume is beeswax central!! I’ll switch to vaseline and lypsyl as those always seem to work quite well for me – I don’t know if you have lypsyl in the US but they make such amazing lip balms and hydrate my lips overnight, I just forget to use it as my burts bees one is peppermint and smells like Christmas!!

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      • XD don’t disregard the Burts bees altogether! It does lock in the moisture to some degree. And it’s good to use occasionally as a treat since it smells so nice!! Plus the sunblock part. And we don’t have lypsyl in the US 😔 but maybe I can order some off of the Internet eventually!

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