Physicians Formula Argan Wear Mascara Review // Blogmas Day 7

Non spon, obviously (I have like fifty followers altogether, who would sponsor me?).

Recently I misplaced my mascara that I usually use (It Cosmetic’s Superhero) and so I had to buy a new one. It was Black Friday, and there was a fantastic sale going on at CVS so I went and bought a new brand. And so, I thought, it may be good to review it.

And boy, do I have a few things to say.

Physician's Formula Mascara Review.png

The first thing that I would like to address is the formula. It was so smooth. But it was also really thin so it didn’t elongate my lashes very well unless I used a ton of it. I could tell a difference with the argan oil though. My eyelashes are definitely more conditioned and maybe even longer now after just using it for two weeks.

It was not very pigmented. The color was more gray than black, and I was very disappointed with that. It took many coats just to tell that I was wearing anything.

The brush was weird as well. Maybe it is just a matter of opinion, but I thought the shape of the brush made the application difficult. I also poked my eyes multiple times and I never do that.

It is not waterproof!! I cried a lot while wearing this and I always ended up looking like a raccoon. But it you don’t cry then you should be okay.

The packaging is pretty though. It’s a nice golden color and it’s pretty easy to hold. It just looks nice.

Pardon my horrid photography skills

Overall I would probably rate this mascara 3/5. But it’s only 3 instead of 2 because of the argan oil formula. I could legitimately tell a difference in the length and thickness of my lashes after using it for just a little while. I wouldn’t suggest buying it unless you’re just wanting to condition your lashes, and I’m incredibly sure that there are better things out there to do that.

I hope you enjoyed the double post today!! I should see you all tomorrow.




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