25 Facts About Me // Blogmas Day One

Why the heck did I commit to doing this? I have my SATs, ACTs, and winter exams this month. This was a terrible idea.


So yeah, if I disappear mid-month it’s because I ended my own life.

Anyways, the most common way to do this sort of post is to do like 50 things, but since it is Blogmas (and subsequently there will be twenty-five posts) I thought that it would be better to do one thing for every day leading up until Christmas.

Let’s get to it then.

  1. My name is Hailey

  2. I am sixteen years old

  3. I am a senior in high school

  4. I am actually graduating a year early

  5. My current plan is to become an English teacher

  6. I love to read

  7. My favorite type of book is Fantasy

  8. Typically of the Urban sub-genre

  9. Typically of the Cassandra Clare variety

  10. I’m also a writer

  11. I’m currently on hiatus due to stress

  12. But my current WIP is a contemporary fantasy about Fairies

  13. I’m also working on a webcomic with one of my best friends

  14. I’m an art nerd

  15. I draw in a very manga-esque style

  16. My medium is usually colored pencils but sometimes I do digital art

  17. I recently drew a David Bowie inspired owl

  18. I’ve never listened to David Bowie a day in my life

  19. I am a Christian

  20. I like to sing for my church

  21. Or sing in general

  22. I have a secret dream to be a rockstar

  23. It’s not a secret anymore

  24. I’m struggling for twenty-five facts

  25. I’m not very interesting

I’m sorry for such a terrible start to Blogmas, but I’m currently studying my butt off for my SAT tomorrow. Wish me luck. Are any of the rest of you struggling with the academic struggles of winter? Send help.


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