Top Ten Books That I Plan To Read This Winter (Because It’s Miserable And Why Would I Ever Go Out And Enjoy Normal Things Like Snow If I Could Stay In My Bed And Read?)


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It is currently four AM while I am writing this, and I am currently sitting in my bed freezing my butt off.

While being miserable and scrolling through my WordPress reader, I came across The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt for this week and I felt it, man.

This week’s prompt is…

Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR

You would think that as someone who has already beaten her Goodreads challenge of seventy-five books would slow down a bit. Take a breather. Nah.

So yeah I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish on their Top Ten Tuesday prompt this week you’ve already said all of this  just trying to look professional.

1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I have heard nothing but the best things about this book. As someone whose first choice in literature is NOT poetry, I find this book a bit scary. But since this book has been praised so highly I’m willing to give it a chance.

2. New American Best Friend by Olivia Gatwood

MORE POETRY. This is a bit different for me considering that Olivia is a slam poet (which I do enjoy slam poetry from time to time). Olivia is one of my favorite poets so I think that reading her book will be a fine thing to do this winter (plus, what she has previewed is phenomenal).

3. Depression & Other Magic Tricks by Sabrina Benaim

“poetry isn’t your first choice”  shut up  Sabrina Benaim is another one of my favorite slam poets and I really want to read her book. She speaks so openly about her depression through her art and every poem of hers that I’ve ever read simply sends chills down my spine. So I anticipate this will be no different.

4. 1984 by George Orwell

I have been terribly afraid to read this book. Living in the Southern states, I am a witness to all sorts of conspiracy theories, such as Trump being the Antichrist (geez. I dislike the man but I don’t think he’s THAT bad), 9/11 being caused by Bush (again, nah) and Katy Perry being a part of Illuminati (again, na- wait, maybe this one is true…). But with all of the current events that are happening, I’d like to read this book and understand it as best as I can.

5. The Rest of The Harry Potter Books

Now, don’t kill me, but I’ve never read Harry Potter before now. Again, growing up as a Southern Christian, these books were quite frowned upon. However, now that I am older, my mother has finally given in and is letting me read these books. I am on book four and I would love to continue it to the best of my ability.

6. Reread The Hunger Games

With my little sister! She is reading these for the first time and I would love to read along with her so that we could discuss it.

7. The Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller

I read The Illiad at the beginning of the school year (Homer, brother, why must you be song long-winded?) and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite by initial boredom. One of my favorite parts of the story was the *ahem* friendship between Patrocles and Achilles. This book adresses that *ahem* friendship on a deeper level.

8. Akatsuki no Yona by Mizuho Kusanagi

Seeing as the anime is NEVER going to get a second season, I really want to read this series because I really miss the characters of the anime. I probably won’t be able to finish it before the year is out but I would at least like to start it.

9. Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

I personally love the Carmilla web-series (loyal cream puff here), and when I found out that it was based on a book, I HAD to read it. As a predecessor to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Carmilla is very intriguing to me and I would love to read it before the year is out.

10. Reread The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

This series is the one that got me SUPER into reading YA. I love it with every little piece of my heart. I even had a North Star necklace at one point. I really hope I’ll have time to reread it before the start of the new year.

So that’s my Top Ten Tuesday post! Does anyone else have a winter TBR? Have you read any of the books on my list? 


13 responses to “Top Ten Books That I Plan To Read This Winter (Because It’s Miserable And Why Would I Ever Go Out And Enjoy Normal Things Like Snow If I Could Stay In My Bed And Read?)

  1. I’ve read 1984 – I really liked it – and all of The Hunger Games books. I read them in such a short space of time – an utterly absorbing YA series. My favourite animal is also a polar bear; what’s the inspiration behind your blog name? 🙂

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    • Polar bears are the best (with dumbo octopuses ranking second – have you seen them? They’re the cutest things) On to the blog name, 😂 it’s such a long story but the format comes from The Song “I Was A Teenage Anarchist” by Against Me! (Which I looooooved back when I first made my blogs name) blended with the fact that I adore polar bears. They’re so squishy! And I have a long history with them representing me xx

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  3. i just finished Milk and Honey and posting a review soon. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to get into poetry, it’s not even really poetry, its much more simple and easier to understand than verses by Allen Ginsberg or Sylvia Plath. I hope you get a copy soon! Heard nothing but great stuff about Depression and Other Magic Tricks

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