Blogmas Announcement

This blog is sorely lacking in content. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve just started it. But at the moment there isn’t anything that the readers can, you know, read.

I am absolutely not at all in the Christmas spirit (merely typing the word makes me feel quite nauseated) but that’s partially my own fault, I guess. I’m not going to get into that right now, though.

But regardless of my feelings on the holiday, it’s inevitably approaching quicker than I can handle. And with my utter lack of content, I thought that the best way to create some would be to participate in Blogmas. Or, at least, try. I’ll probably hate myself afterward but what else is new?

So yeah, we’re doing this, apparently.

I’m going to do my very best to post every single day in December, leading up to Christmas *violently throws her lunch*  I may fail though because I am a despicable human who has midterms, but I will most definitely try.

Discuss! Are any of you participating in Blogmas? Is anyone else struggling to feel festive? Or am I alone in my bah humbug mood?


12 responses to “Blogmas Announcement

  1. Me too hun. I’m from Maryland so I’m very used to white Christmas. But over the summer, we moved to Arizona…… do you know how strange it is seeing snowmen blow-ups in sweater weather and sunshine???

    Also, you should post something on how to do a book review! Which is probably a selfish suggestion, but I’ve read these really cool books recently and I wanted to review them on my blog but I’ve never written a review before. Any advice? I’m still finishing one of them but I’m really enjoying it so far.

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    • Ahh. Yeah, it is weird. Where I live we sometimes get snow but not too often :/

      On to the second part: That’s a great idea! That’s absolutely not a selfish suggestion ☺. I’m ALWAYS open to post suggestions! It may come during Blogmas but it may not. But definitely keep an eye out xx

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  2. Ahahaha it’s weird; I’m mentally In Christmas season (because I’m not in the country for most of December) but like my spirit is so not up for it. I’m not even excited, I just need to get everything written and scheduled so i don’t have to worry while I’m on holiday. I love that people get so excited …. I just don’t really know HOW so early 😂😂 good luck with blogmas; it’ll be a great way to get content up on the site

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    • Exactly! I’m so so so happy that people are excited but I personally am not feeling it. A lot of bad things have happened around Christmas… and yeah! Getting everything drafted is so important to me. I’ve got midterms this month plus I’ve been sick lately so I have makeup work 😅 and thank you! Xx

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      • Aww that’s a shame love *virtual hug* – it’s your first year BLOGGING though, so that will be fun! And yesss drafts and scheduled posts are literally a life saver, I’d recommend just spending one weekend blogging – you can get an entire month’s worth of posts written in that time 😉 then go and study! xx

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  3. I’m loving Christmas and so excited, so naturally I’m doing blogmas!! Do have a tonne of exams though over Christmas which is sort of a silly idea but most of my posts are scheduled already! Let me know if you’d wanna do a collab and we can chat about it on insta/ twitter; my insta is @lovesophblog_ and my Twitter @Love_SophBlog

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