A Really Terrible Introduction

what if you flyI’m going to be completely honest with you… I’ve never blogged before. Reading this, it will probably be incredibly obvious. But I just thought I’d say it as a kind of warning.

So warning: this is probably going to be terrible.

I am not, however, writing “by the seat of my pants” as they say. I’ve written a multitude of book reviews that are scattered throughout the internet in various places, as well as maintained quite a few four-hour long text conversations (oh, but you can’t talk to people in real life?  shut up).

I should probably get to the point, shouldn’t I?

Welcome to my blog.


Boy, are you in for a show. (you’re not that interesting  SHUT UP)

Anyways, my name is Hailey. I’m not going to tell you a ton about me, just because it ruins the sense of mystery (and I’m hoping you’ll be intrigued and keep reading, but whatever. We’ll go with the first reason.) But here are a few definitive facts about me:

  • As previously stated, my name is Hailey. I’m sixteen years old and I live in the United States. South Carolina to be exact.
  • I’m in the twelfth grade this year, but technically I’m only an eleventh grader who’s graduating early.
  • I like to read and write, a characteristic that has branched out into almost everything that I do. I can’t escape it.
  • I have other hobbies, I’m not a complete nerd.
  • I lied. I’m a complete nerd. Sue me.
  • Please don’t sue me.

If you want to know anything else about me, I’ve already written an (objectively) comprehensive guide titled “About Meh“. I highly suggest you read it. It’s practically classic literature.

Some things I hope to write about on this blog include (but are not limited to):

  • Books
  • Writing
  • Life in general
  • My other, undefined hobbies (which totally exist)

I’m going to try to upload twice a week. I don’t know if there will be set days or not. Life’s crazy, man.

I hope you enjoy it here. But if you don’t, the door is in the upper right-hand corner.


So how was my first impression? Do you have any post ideas? Tips for a new blogger? Any help is appreciated. Please.


27 responses to “A Really Terrible Introduction

  1. Okay so I LOVE your style of writing. Definitely laughed at the hobbies bit … and was like “oh…that sounds like me”. I also progressed from sarcastic book reviews to blogging . . . then stopped writing book reviews *my goodreads account cries* and totally agree – us lit nerds can never escape it xD (My next tattoo is a romeo and juliet one; might as well give in) Definitely looking forward to more from your blog xxx

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  2. Yes yes yes!! You are SUCH a funny writer and this post definitely made me giggle, it’s cool to have someone from the USA to follow as most of those who I follow are U.K. based so it’ll be nice to see what your country is like compared to very cold rainy England (typically English, complaining about the weather, here I go). Amazing post and I can’t wait to read more, thank you so much for discovering my blog so that I stumbled across yours! X

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  3. I. Love. Your. Style. Tbh, I laughed my heart out after reading this post. I really, really liked how you chose to talk just enough about yourself. I’m glad I came across your blog on First Friday XD. If it helps, I felt exactly the same not a very long time ago. I have a feeling I’m gonna enjoy reading your future posts. Keep it up!
    – Just Another Magical Soul

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